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“GBN was my first networking group.

‘Terrified’ would be a good description of how I feltPhoto of Andrew Echemann when I attended my first meeting. Since then, I’ve met so many wonderful people. Everyone has been so gracious and welcoming, and I’ve grown so much through being a member. The leadership sat down with me one on one and asked how they could help – that really impressed me. Even better, they were filled with wonderful suggestions.”

Andrew Echemann


What is Great Business Networking?

Our mission is simple: to attract like-minded professionals in the community to grow their business and network together.

Founded in 2011 by Alan Thompson, a local business owner in Charleston, South Carolina, GBN has always been a group of professionals who have an interest in growing their business.

Our philosophy is Friends First. Business Second. We believe if we become great friends – get to know, like and trust each other – that our business will grow automatically. Like we say, to grow your business, you must grow your network.

Are you looking for a networking organization to call home along with 20, 30 or even more professional friends? Let our GBN Members impact your life and business starting today. Visit a Chapter near you!

What You Should Know

  • Our Chapters meet weekly.
  • One person from each profession is allowed per Chapter.
  • Our meetings last for 90 minutes.
  • Attendance is critical. Members are allowed to miss 3 meetings and have 3 substitutes within a continuous six month period.
  • The cost of membership is $295/year. There is a one-time set up fee of $50.

Why GBN?

Great Leadership

Receive guidance, training, and support from industry-leading professionals.


Don’t spend hundreds of dollars networking when GBN is very affordable!

Fun Networking

Spend quality time and have fun with
others who care about your success!

Events That Matter

Weekly meetings, monthly After Hours, Weekly Live Talk Show, Membership Perks and more to help you grow your business!





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