Frequently Asked Questions About GBN

GBN General Questions

What is the GBN Mission Statement?

To attract like-minded professionals in the community to grow their network and business together.

What is the GBN Philosophy?

GBN has the philosophy of Friends First – Business Second. We believe that by creating strong, lasting friendships, we will automatically refer business to each other. This proven strategy is what keeps GBN growing.

What makes GBN different from other organizations?

GBN focuses on Friends First. Business Second. We believe that by making the members of your Chapter your friends and getting to know, like, and trust each other, you will get more referrals, higher quality referrals, and your weekly meeting will be something you look forward to.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

Yes, well mostly. All members are expected to attend each week. But we understand things happen. We allow our members to miss no more than three (3) meetings or have a up to three (3) substitutes in a continuous six (6) month period. A violation of this will policy could result in the chapter leadership team revoking the membership. If the membership should be revoked, no refunds or credits will be given. Members may be excused for military duty, maternal/paternal leave, or medical reasons, if approved by the GBN Leadership Team and Area Director.

How do I grow my GBN chapter?

GBN grows through word-of-mouth marketing. Here are a few things you can do to help: Regularly bring visitors whose business would fit into and compliment your Chapter. Ensure that you maintain strong relationships with the other members of your Chapter, as those connections are what keep your members going – and growing.

I am not a GBN Member, can I still use the GBN App?

No! Sorry, the GBN App is meant to be a resource for business professionals within our organization. This is used to pass referrals, record visitors, closed business and one-to-ones, network with other GBN Members, view local networking events, and more.

Can I be a sponsor of a GBN related event?

Absolutely. Email us at to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Ask your chapter leadership first. If you cannot get the answer you seek, contact us at 843-492-5052 or

Networking Membership Questions

How much does GBN cost?

Membership is $295 per year and will renew on your anniversary date. There is a one-time Set Up Fee of $50. As long as you remain a member, your membership dues will never increase!

Can I visit before joining?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to visit a Chapter at least 2 times before you apply and pay to join.

Can I represent more than one business in my Chapter?

No. Each membership is only in place for one business. Another person may join the Chapter to represent your second business.

GBN doesn’t have any openings for me, what should I do?

You can fill out an application and be added to our waiting list, or you can apply to become a Chapter Organizer and start your own GBN Chapter.

Can I join more than one Chapter?

We only allow members to join one GBN Chapter. This allows others in your profession to receive the benefits of GBN.

As a GBN Member, can I join another networking organization?

Yes! We do not restrict our members from growing their business. In fact, we encourage you to be involved in other organizations.

I have a conflict with another member. What do I do?

  1. If there is an issue within your Chapter, first take it to the Membership Director. If needed, include the Chapter Leader. If this does not resolve the issue, contact the Area Director.
  2. If a majority of the Chapter requests that a member be removed, we will have the Chapter Leader or the GBN Area Director remove the member(s) from the Chapter.
  3. Members filing the complaint can transfer membership to another Chapter or can partner with GBN to start a new Chapter that does not conflict with the existing Chapter. Either of these examples must be approved by the Executive Director.

Rules, Reports, Tips/Tricks, & Policy Questions

Do you have referral requirements?

No. However, we do ask that Members only pass referrals that they have spoken to and know that are currently seeking another member’s services. GBN does not approve of members passing “cold leads/cold calls” to each other. However, the more referrals you pass the more referrals you are likely to receive.

How do I report my Close of Business?

When turning in closed business reports, please report the largest dollar amount in the transaction. We do not report commissions.

Example: A home is sold for $320,000.
The Realtor reports the Sale Price.
The Insurance Agent reports the Premium Price.
The Attorney reports the Attorney Fees.
The Lender reports the Lending Fees.
You can submit this via the GBN App.

Do you have any tips for my GBN Minute presentation?

  • Say your name, business name, and industry
  • Say in 20 seconds what you do
  • Say in 20 seconds what the ideal referral or referral partner is for you
  • Close with your name, business name, industry, and preferred contact method

Do you have any tips for my Spotlight Presentation?

  • Highlight your experience in your industry or things that separate you from your competition
  • Mention a few featured products/services that will touch people in that moment
  • Be light and help to make people laugh
  • Practice beforehand and be mindful of your time
  • Allow for 2 minutes worth of questions at the end

What is GBN’s refund policy?

GBN does not issue refunds. If you sign up for a Chapter and due to a member conflict (industry related), a Chapter closing, or your membership is ended before your payment expires, we will issue a statement of credit for the remaining time you are entitled to for you to join another Chapter or to return to GBN in the future. If you are removed from a Chapter or the organization, you will forfeit any balance remaining on your membership.

What if a member treats me unfairly or provides poor service to a referral?

Your local Leadership Team and the GBN Area Director will investigate the matter in question and make a determination about the individual’s ethics and whether or not they should be allowed to stay in GBN. We do not guarantee or settle business disputes.

Will GBN promote my business to all of its’ members?

No. Individual business promotion, events, and specials are your responsibility to promote. However, you can post in our Facebook groups, or be a GBN sponsor for additional promotion. 

Where Does the GBN Money Go?

The money we receive goes into the following three “buckets”:

  • Company Operational Costs
    • Printing
    • Advertising (Website, Social Media, the GBN Mobile App, Print Publications, Mailing, & More)
    • System Operations (Databases, Software to facilitate meetings/referrals/real-time information exchanges)
    • Daily Operations (Accounting, Commissions for Area Leaders, Salaries)
  • Philanthropic Efforts (Volunteer/Community Service Work)
  • Event Operating Costs
    • Drinks, food, awards, and giveaways at various events
    • Marketing Expenses
    • Printing Expenses

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