Episode 28 – Ask yourself a question: Is my attitude worth catching?

A lot of success in sales comes from your attitude. Your attitude affects your interactions with your customers, your team, and yourself. It’s tough out there, but you’ve got to be resilient enough to stay positive through the ups and downs. When you’re selling, be stoked about the product and service. Have enthusiasm for it. If you struggle to feel that way, do your research. Find out why what you’re selling is so important in people’s lives. Discover stories of people who have really benefited from what you’re doing. If you’ve put sincere effort into loving your product but just can’t do it, don’t be scared to find a better fit somewhere else. When you’re working with your teams, be excited about their success and optimistic during their rough periods. It’s awesome to have some kind of group text or team messaging tool to keep everyone motivated and feeding off of each other’s enthusiasm. Or, if they’re having a tough day, reps can use it to reach out to friends for advice or encouragement. Just make sure that your attitude is a good one, and you’ll reap the benefits. That’s this weeks GBN Tips.

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