Episode 45 – Don’t Just Promote Yourself

Customers will get bored and lose faith in your brand if you’re constantly posting about how great you are, and how great your products are. It sounds fake.

Think about it — the brands you admire aren’t often tooting their own horn.

Sure, it’s great to post about your achievements, products, or services once in a while, but make sure it’s interspersed with quality content.

Your customers need a reason to follow you on social media. It’s not just to hear you talking about yourself all the time. Would you keep a friend who just spoke about themselves?

It’s got to be a bit of give and take — they’re giving you money and their attention, so you give them your product/service and valuable content.

Use social media to promote your content — create things that your audience will want to see.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.