Episode 54 – Invest in Paid Promotion

Paid promotion on social media can be a fantastic tool, but it can also be a waste of money.

You need to know what you want to achieve (your goal), be it more followers (brand awareness), more purchases (or conversions), customer feedback, or survey responses… the list goes on.

Your goal should be SMART:

  • Specific — e.g. 500 new followers
  • Measurable — e.g. you can measure the number of new followers
  • Achievable — e.g. 500 new followers from a post (or a campaign series of posts) must be achievable
  • Relevant — e.g. don’t just aim to get followers for the sake of it. There has to be a reason for you needing those 500 new followers. And those followers must be relevant to your brand in one way or another, otherwise, they’re worthless.
  • Timely — e.g. 500 new followers in seven days.

You can also choose your audience on most forms of social media advertising. This ensures that every penny (or cent) you put into the ad campaign is well spent. Targeted advertising is incredibly useful.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.