Episode 55 – Your GBN Profiles

Do you realize how important your GBN Profiles are? Is your’s up-to-date?

The GBN website had over 3,700 unique visitors in the month of March. We are being recognized not only by the big networking group, but several smaller organizations have reached out to us about merging their Chapters into GBN. With so many visiting our website, we highly recommend you have your profile up-to-date to include your profile photo, your company information as well as your social media accounts. Be sure to have your cell phone number in the GBN Mobile App as well. We have placed a photo of Steve – the GBN Mascot – in place of your photo if you have chosen not to upload one.

Also, did you know you can leave a review on your fellow members business page on the website? All you need to do is go to their business profile block under their Chapter, click on the block, then at the bottom left there is a blue button that says Recommend (members name). It is that simple. These show up in the Google Searches – so be helpful and give your fellow members a review!

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.