Episode 56 – GBN Mobile App 1

This week we begin going over several updates and awesome tips for the GBN Mobile App.

Let’s begin with the first Tab – Chapters. With GBN growing every day, we have made it easier for you to search Chapters and default the information based on your individual Chapter. Therefore, we have added a dropdown field for State and Market. You will notice as you click on the tab, your base Chapter is located at the top of the page. Following is a dropdown for each State then each Market. This sorts the Chapters by where they are located. It also helps to filter out the Chapters you may not need.

Here is another tip. If you click on the area that contains the Chapter’s name – it displays the information regarding that Chapter. This includes their meeting time, day, and location as well as a link to browse the Chapter members. There is also a Google Maps link to help with directions to their meeting location. If you are on the main tab, you will also see an icon on the right side with a light blue people icon. If you click here – it will take you directly to the Chapter member roster for that Chapter. 

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.