Episode 56 – GBN Mobile App 2

Today, we will be going over the Members Tab on the Mobile App.

There are several things built into this tab that will help other members in finding you and in sharing your information with referrals. First, we have added not only your name and profession in the Member Card, we have also added your Chapter. We will go over more of this in detail when we cover the Profile Tab, but if you click on the top icon on the right of the Member Card, you will see the Member Profile appear. This list a lot of information on that Member. As well, if you click on the bottom icon – the QR Code will appear where you can share that Members’ information with a referral.

Furthermore, a while back we added what is known as Tags. You can add yours in the Profile Tab. These Tags are Searchable in the Search Bar at the top of the Member Directory inside the Member Tab. Regardless of what you place in the Tags, it is searchable by others. Let’s say you are a Realtor. You will automatically be able to be searched by your name, company name and profession. But you can also add realtor, Myrtle Beach Realtor, investor, property, etc. As we continue to grow, you will want to be searched as easily as possible.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.