Episode 60 – GBN Mobile App 6

Today, we will be the Closed Business on the Mobile App.

Clicking on the Closed Business Tab will show you the list of Referrals you have Closed Business for. To the right of each referral, you will see a light blue pencil and a trash can. Here, you can either edit the Closed Business or delete it if needed. We recently updated the Closed Business information that displays. Now you can see who the Referral is for, who gave the referral, as well as the date and comments. Once the Closed Business is entered, you will then see the dollar amount. When you click on the button to Add a Closed Business, you will see everything but the dollar amount as it has not been entered yet. As well, when you click on the Add Closed Business button, only the Closed Business you have not entered will appear in the list. If the referral did not turn into Closed Business, enter $0.00 and it will close out the transaction. The goal is to have no referrals listed in the Add Closed Business Tab.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.