Episode 62 – GBN Mobile App 8

Today, we will be the Visitors Tab on the Mobile App.

Why do we track visitors? Well, there are a number of reasons. First, when a visitor is entered into the GBN Mobile App, they receive a text message with a message from our Executive Director thanking them for visiting. Therefore, they immedately feel welcome right from the start. Next, the Chapter Leadership Team can go into the Reports Tab, select the text in the top section entitled Visitors, and see all the visitors that have been entered. And guess what. You can see yours too. Simply click on My Reports, then click on the text Visitors and your list will populate. This is a great tool in the App where you can circle back to those visitors and re-invite them to the meetings. Remember, you want your chapter to reach 16-18 members at a minimum to get the most out of GBN. This is just another way your GBN Mobile App works for you!

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.