Episode 65 – GBN Mobile App 11

Today, we will be the Video Clips Tab on the Mobile App.

Last week, we showed you how to access the Testimonial Video and the About GBN Video from the Resource Tab. However, this week we will discuss how you can send the videos via text message, along with a short message of your own, to prospective members. Simply click on the Video Clips Tab.

Under each video, you will see a field labeled enter phone number. Once the number is entered, click the blue link that says Share Video via SMS. The link to the video will be transferred to your cell phone’s messaging app. It will include the text above the link saying, “Check out this video.” We recommend adding your own text prior to this saying something like, “Hey Tom! This is what I was telling you about!”

This is just another tool to help you grow your Chapter. 

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.