Episode 67 – GBN Mobile App 13

Today, we will be the Perks Tab on the Mobile App.

How many of you by show of hands, have used our Membership Perks Discounts? Well, did you know we are on the US Government Office Depot Discount? These are the deepest discounts Office Depot has. Most people are aware the Chamber has a discount program, but their discount is not on furniture, computers, and most printers. Our is!

The other discount is for CleverRx. We highly recommend downloading their app too. The website is listed on the image for CleverRx. But, it is simply cleverhealth.ai/GBNconnect. Here you will see the locations with the best price of your prescription. I want to share a quick story about CleverRx with you. One of our members’ husband went to WalMart to get his precription refilled. It normally was $484.00. However, this time it had went up to $571.00. He called his wife (the member) and said we simply cannot afford this anymore. She thought about it and said hold on, I am sending you a text. She screenshot the CleverRx discount with the Group Code and MemberID and sent it to him. He got that prescription for $12.00. Yes, you heard that right! That saved him $559.00. That is two years of GBN Membership fees each month!

It is important to share this information with prospective members. Our Discounts are GREAT! And, the best part is you can share them with family and friends.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.