Episode 68 – GBN Mobile App 14

Today, we will be the Prospect Tab on the Mobile App.

The Prospect Tab was an idea of one of our members. And it is great to remind the prospects of our meetings.

Simply click on the tab. Enter the Prospects Name, Profession, and phone number. Then select the Chapter. Yes, you can even send them to a different Chapter if needed. Select the Chapter’s next meeting date, and click Create Prospect.

This will do several things. First, it pulls in your information with your name and phone number. The Prospect will receive a push notification and text message each week for the next three weeks, unless they become a member. In this notification, it will say, “Hey Tom! I just wanted to remind you about our networking meeting this Wednesday at 7:30 AM at 123 Main Street. If you have any questions, please call me at 843-492-5052. Hope to see you there! Jill.

Once the prospect visits, the Membership Director can find them in the Propect Tab by clicking See Prospects. All you need to do is select they visited, and it automatically turns them into a Visitor. The member entering the prospect gets credit for the visitor – even if they go to another Chapter. It is that simple!

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.