Episode 71 – Create Beautiful Assets

Once you have your content marketing calendar all figured out, start creating your assets.

Start with the content. It’s important to write professional, original content, whether it’s about the product or service you’re focusing on that month, or about a specific promotion.

When you have your written content, you’re going to want to create some social media posts and email campaigns, and maybe even add it to the email newsletter that you send out every month. Plus, create videos, update your website and think about potential landing pages you could create.

Having beautiful assets makes your brand stand out. You want to be like the Nike of your industry for your hometown, which means that you want your brand to be absolutely beautiful.

The more proactive you can be about creating the assets you need, the higher the quality will be, which is why you need your marketing calendar upfront.

This way, you can then go back and start sinking your teeth into the design of your assets and making sure that your brand looks really, really good.

That’s this week’s tip. Happy Networking!