Hello GBN Members,
GBN is constantly working to provide more value for your membership dollars.
To that end, Beginning in January, 2016, each GBN member will begin receiving Snack-Sized Skills! Each month, direct to your inbox, you’ll receive a Snack. It’s a soft skill-packed video that’s smart, funny and never more than 2.5 minutes long.
Here are more details:
The videos will arrive on the first business day of each month.
You’ll have access to the video for the entire month, so watch it and re-watch it.
Mid-month we’ll send you a reminder – sort of a “Don’t forget to eat your Snack” kind of thing.
Best of all, this costs you nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada. GBN is picking up the tab because, well… they love you, man.
Now for the fine print: Snacks are proprietary, so you can’t download, upload or embed them anywhere else.
Lastly, your first Snack of the New Year will be:  TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE
Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.
Happy New Year!
Information and monthly service provided by LB Adams of Practical Dramatics.