Episode 57 – GBN Mobile App 3

Today, we will be going over the Profile Tab on the Mobile App.

The Profile Tab contains all the information pertinent to each Member. Here, not only can you enter your personal information, you can also add several social media links as well as a video. This can be a company commercial or a personal About Me video. These come in handy when you want your fellow members to get to know you.

People remember faces much more than they do names. If a new member meets you at an After Hours event, they may look up your profile to find you. However, if your photo is not there – they will not be able to. You should have a photo of yourself in the Profile Image section – not your company logo.

As well, at the bottom of the Profile Page, there is a section we mentioned last week called Tags. Here you can input anything you want your fellow members to be able to search you by. For example, if you are a realtor, your profile post you as Real Estate – Residential or Commercial. In the Tags, you should add Realtor, Investments, Real Estate Agent, your location, etc. This helps members to find you better. You are not limited to the tags you input.

Most importantly, any change you make to your Profile, including your Profile Image, you must hit the Update User tab at the bottom.

That’s this weeks GBN Tips.